Arabs Use Children to Provoke IDF Soldiers

In a movie clip uploaded recently to YouTube, blond-haired young girls scream at IDF soldiers, try to engage them in some way and attempt to provoke them into a violent reaction.

This incident is part of ongoing and systematic anti-IDF provocation by Arabs, specifically those living in Nabi Tsalach. Riots are scheduled and organized at Nabi Tsalach every Friday, and soldiers are deployed there to prevent the spread of violence.

Tazpit News Agency has documented several of these incidents over the past months, exposing the fact that these are not “spontaneous reactions” to an IDF assault, but rather an orchestrated campaign to slander the IDF. Every Friday, young girls are sent to scream at the soldiers, taunt them and try to engage them physically. They are accompanied by their mothers who always have cameras, hoping to record any actions which would serve to denigrate IDF soldiers and defame the State of Israel.

Ehud Amiton, a director and photographer at Tazpit explained: “You must understand that these events are repeated every week. These children are sent forward by their mothers, cynically trying to provoke the soldiers, hoping one of them will respond in some improper way – and it’s all widely documented by many cameras. In this latest video, it appears that one of the girls is begging the soldiers to release her young brother, who they had arrested. I see her here on a regular basis. She is sent by her mother and she thinks it’s a game. We should salute the soldiers for not being provoked by these actions.”

An IDF source expressed satisfaction with the soldiers’ restraint. “We are tested all the time. These provocateurs know to look for soldiers with shorter tempers, but we know how to handle these situations, and we prepare the soldiers to contend with them.”

The girls in this video are the daughters of one the leaders of the village’s anti-Israel activities. He was released from an Israeli prison in March after serving thirteen months for illegal demonstrations and incitement to throw rocks. He was recently arrested again at an illegal demonstration.

Further research reveals that these girls have already been honored by Palestinian President Abbas for their actions against the IDF. Under the title “Bravery and non-violent actions of young girls from Nabi Saleh recognized”, the Nabi Saleh Solidarity site published photos of the event from last August, negating the claim that this past week’s event was a unique, spur-of-the-moment occurrence.

Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency

2 Comments on “Arabs Use Children to Provoke IDF Soldiers”

  • It should wrote on 14 November, 2012, 23:21

    This is another way of IDF to prove their innocence to divert the attention of word from their atrocities handed out to Palestinians by occupying the land ,they have no right to hold on.After all what options are left for people of Palestine to get back the land they once owned.

  • Raeez wrote on 20 November, 2012, 23:14

    “what options are left for people of Palestine to get back the land they once owned.
    ” Exactly the same options that those Jews (now Israelis) have who were expelled from Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Ethopia,etc, having to leave behind everything they owned. If we counted up just the lands that they lost, the total area is several times larger than all of Israel. Maybe those lands could be offered up to Palestinians who are still forced to stay, after more than 60 years, in refugee camps by the countries they are in.

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