What Happened to Pakistan’s Jews?

Pakistan was never traditionally antisemitic. In fact, it may come as a surprise that Pakistan hosted small, yet thriving, Jewish communities from the 19th century until the end of the 1960s. Recently, Yoel Reuben, a Pakistani Jew living in the Israeli town of Lod whose family originated in Lahore, documented some of the history of the Jewish communities with photographs of original documents. When India and Pakistan were one country, before the partition in 1947, the Jews were treated with tolerance and equality. In the first half of the 20th century, there were nearly 1,000 Jewish residents in Pakistan living in different cities: Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Lahore. The largest Jewish community lived in Karachi, where there was a large synagogue and a smaller prayer hall. There were two synagogues in Peshawar, one small prayer hall in Lahore belonging to the Afghan Jewish community, and one prayer hall in Quetta. Even today, according to unofficial sources, there are rumors that some Jews remain in Pakistan, including doctors and members of the free professions, who converted or passed themselves off as members of other religions.
The Jews of Pakistan were of various origins, but most were from the Bene Israel community of India, and came to Pakistan in the employ of the British. Yifah, a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, relates that her great-great-grandfather Samuel Reuben Bhonkar, who was a Bene Israel, came to Karachi in British India to work as a jailer, and died there in 1928. The Bene Israel originated in the Konkan villages, but many moved to Bombay from the end of the 18th century on. In Pakistan, they spoke Marathi, their mother tongue from Maharashtra; Urdu, the local language; and most spoke English. Prayers were conducted in Hebrew. In 1893, a Bene Israel from Bombay, Solomon David Umerdekar, inaugurated the Karachi Magen Shalom Synagogue on the corner of Jamila Street and Nishtar Road, which officially opened in 1912. During these years, the Jewish community thrived. In 1903, the community set up the Young Man’s Jewish Association, and the Karachi Bene Israel Relief Fund was established to support poor Jews. In 1918, the Karachi Jewish Syndicate was formed to provide housing at reasonable rents, and the All India Israelite League, which represented 650 Bene Israel living in the province of Sind (including Hyderabad, Larkuna, Mirpur-Khas, and Sukkur, as well as Karachi), was first convened—founded by two prominent Bene Israel, Jacob Bapuji Israel and David S. Erulkar. Karachi became a fulcrum for the Bene Israel in India, the place where they congregated for High Holiday prayers. There was also a prayer hall, which served the Afghan Jews residing in the city. A 1941 government census recorded 1,199 Pakistani Jews: 513 men and 538 women. So accepted were the Jews of Karachi in these years that Abraham Reuben, a leader in the Jewish community, became the first Jewish councilor on the Karachi Municipal Corporation.
On August 15, 1947, India was partitioned and the Dominion of Pakistan was declared. Partition effectively signaled the end of the British Empire. Fearful of their future in the new Islamic state, Jews began to flee. Some fled from Afghanistan; the Bene Israel community in Lahore fled to Karachi and from there moved to Bombay. Muslim refugees from India, called Mohajir, streamed into Pakistan and attacked Jewish sites. The situation was exacerbated by the declaration of independence for the state of Israel in May 1948. Many of the Karachi Jews left the city in 1948, after rioters attacked the Karachi synagogue during a demonstration in May of that year against President Truman’s recognition of Israel. Some members of the community emigrated to Israel via India, while others settled in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Pogroms against the Jews recurred during the Suez War in 1956 and the Six-Day War in 1967. Most of the remaining Jews emigrated and, in 1968, the Pakistani Jewish community numbered only 350 in Karachi, with one synagogue, a welfare organization, and a recreational organization. After 1968, there is no record of any Pakistani Jews outside Karachi.
Today, anti-Israel discourse manifests itself in the notion that Israel and Pakistan are ultimately in competition and thus only one can flourish. In April 2008, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, the former chief of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence, proclaimed that “two states came into existence in 1947 and 1948: one, Pakistan; two, Israel. The two are threats to each other. Ultimately, only one of them will survive.” Pakistan aligns itself with the Palestinian Muslim cause and rejects the United States insofar as it is allied with Israel.
The Magen Shalom synagogue in Karachi was destroyed on July 17, 1988, by order of Pakistan president Zia-Ul-Hak to make way for a shopping mall in the Ranchore Lines neighborhood of Karachi. In 1989, the original ark and podium were stored in Karachi; a Torah scroll case was taken by an American to the United States.
As late as 2006, the sole survivor of the Karachi Jewish community, Rachel Joseph, a former teacher, then 88 years old, was battling for compensation for the broken promise from the property developers that had demolished the old synagogue; in exchange, she would receive an apartment, and a new small synagogue would be constructed on the old site. While the litigation wore on, she languished in a tiny room.
This year, a Muslim Pakistani-American filmmaker, Shoeb Yunus, shot a film about the Jewish cemetery in Karachi. Today, it is part of the larger Cutchi Memon graveyard, which has a Muslim caretaker. It took Yunus eight months to gain admission, and the camera crew was allowed only 10 minutes to shoot. He estimates that there are 200-400 Jewish graves. The neglected cemetery has not been destroyed since its last custodian, Rachel Joseph, died on July 17, 2006.
By Shalva Weil, senior researcher at the Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

24 Comments on “What Happened to Pakistan’s Jews?”

  • Paul Ross wrote on 6 May, 2012, 20:11

    What a sad story.
    It appears that prior to 1940 life existed perfectly well for all concerned. However, history shows us that wherever the British were involved, they have left each country (that they controlled) in a total mess, causing strife among those who remained. India/Pakistan is one example; Israel/Palestine another; Canada and the treatment of the First Nations; Australia; Argentina; and the list goes on.
    The people in Pakistan did not change in 1947 when the British proclaimed sovereignty. Jew or Muslim – did not (and does not) make a difference. Both religions believe in the Ten Commandments (with the exception of the 4th, regarding the Sabbath; that is not mentioned in the Qur’an to the best of my knowledge).
    So how can one explain going to war for reasons of religion? Thou shall not kill is the same, no matter what language it is spoken in. The Qur’an and the Bible also prohibit blasphemy, theft, and adultery. So why is it that almost all wars are caused by, or are in the name of religion. The Christians of course also believe in the Ten Commandments but look, for example, how many thousands of people were killed by the Crusaders in the ‘name of religion’.
    How sad and how wrong – and above all – how unnecessary. 
    We are all human beings and we all deserve a decent life.

    Have a wonderful week.

  • Bismah wrote on 8 May, 2012, 1:55

    Everyone knows how badly Muslims are treated and becoming the victims of hate agenda of West /America. Pakistan is particularly the focus of such propagenda. The author seems much bias , linking the ‘unknown’ connections for Jews deaths. The graveyard where 200 – 400 graves of Jews are mentioned , he dis not mention the number of Muslims graves….

    Story have no sense – but to criticise Muslims and Pakistan what ever the way they think.

  • Whiterose wrote on 10 May, 2012, 17:02

    Everyone knows how badly Muslims are treated?! Wrong! That is an outright lie. Muslims mistreat anyone who doesn’t submit or go along with them. They are quiet until the reach high numbers. Look what they are doing to Europe, and stay away from the mainstream media because you won’t find the truth there. Look up a video on youtube about Luton, England done by a lady from there. That’s what any nation who allows Muslims in has to look forward to: oppression, chaos and aggression. As far as the Quran, they do not believe in the 10 Commandments and their god is NOT the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) as they like to misrepresent to the gullible West. Their doctrine is the exact opposite of that in The Bible. 

  • Joseph Ruben wrote on 14 May, 2012, 1:00

    @Whiterose – what a message of peace. Way to go with your hate. I suppose your bible taught you that?

  • NASIR wrote on 27 May, 2012, 6:43

    i am looking for a friend who left karachi in the 60s for israel his name was ZACHARIHA DANIELS

  • Lost of Israel wrote on 28 June, 2012, 3:00

    This is very sad to read what happened  to Magen Shalom synagogue and Rachel Joseph.
    I would like to ask all the Muslims if same thing happen to a Muslim women in a non Muslim country im sure that not only Pakistan 180 Millions but around the world Muslims have burned the places of  worship of other faiths to show support for her and save the place of worship.
    But unfortunately the people who call themselves followers of peaceful faith and proclaim that they give equal rights to other faiths under their protection failed to save the only Jews  synagogue in Pakistan despite after 24 years the builders did not build a small synagogue on the old site and they never give a flat to Rachel Joseph as they promised.
    Are Pakistani people deaf,blind or senseless,where is judiciary  and the leaders why they dont arrest the builder /developer who destroyed the house of G-d and never kept his word of building a synagogue and giving a flat to Rachel Joseph.
    If anyone who read this please push your government to build a synagogue on the same site even if they have to destroy the shopping mall to prove your faith what you claim to be or it will be a contradiction to your faith.
    so sad that in 180 Million pakistanies no one has spoken a word to the Zia-ul haq great satan when he ordered to destroy the synagogue.let see how many are you talk for justice in a country of injustice

  • y.ahmad wrote on 18 August, 2012, 21:00

    I am so sad I dont want to blame anyone but its just
    disgusting reading the comments from people of
    different faith how hateful they can be.WE are all
    children of GOD cant we love each other and be
    tolerant as human being,NO dont point your finger
    at me I have Moslem and Jewish blood and grew up in
    a Christian school.I dont hate anyone.

  • y.ahmad wrote on 18 August, 2012, 21:04

    I feel sick reading comments from different faith how hateful they
    are towards each other.
    Cant we love fellow human beings for what they are
    Jews,Muslims Christians,Hindus or Buddhists.
    COME on boys short lived world lets love
    each other

  • Uzair wrote on 29 September, 2012, 17:23

    Well who knows, there are still Iranian Jews out there, converted to Baha’i

  • zulfeqar khan wrote on 1 October, 2012, 4:41

    The Jews who lived in Pakistan are belong to the Sepherdin Jews, whose are belong to the real tribe of Bani Israel, and jews who are political dominant in Israel and USA are belong to the Ashkanzi jews who are not really belong to the Bani Israel, they are belong to the Khazaria, who were converted jews.

  • umer wrote on 8 October, 2012, 6:34

    I have read the whole story made about the Jews. I believe jews always found to be oppressed either its hollocast or other event in history. they always portrait in such a way that they are victomised.

    For the case of pakistani jews i dd not have the proper information to object on some but i can perdict by the historical events thats story is just made by………..

    There are alwasy good abd bad people in society and we cannot say with 100% assurity. We as a muslims always try to adopt the peoples either they belong to any religion but there might some factors who always tried to get advantage by explointing simple muslim. as most of them have limited knowladge of their religion.
    Muslim should have more knowladge about their religion.

  • Sajjad wrote on 25 October, 2012, 15:22

    Sorry for the intolerance. Equally sorry for the hardships faced by Jews in Pakistan.The synagogue demolished in Karachi must be rebuilt..

  • Mubasher Pasha wrote on 1 November, 2012, 14:36

    I believe Islam has been hijacked by those who want to manipulate a common person’s emotions for their own gains. If Jews can live & practice their belief in the Islamic Republic of Iran, are we a different breed of Muslims to suppress religious minorities? Yes, the synagogue should be rebuilt as a symbol of sanity & tolerance, even if their is not a single Jew left in Pakistan, because it’s more for our own sake than theirs!

  • ubaid john wrote on 27 March, 2013, 14:18

    It’s realy its realy bad we must love every one i am surprised there are many pagans living in pakistan from many countries and even in north there is kafirstan (pagan state) and jew worship one true God. and they are having torah the true book of God. we should respect jews and love them as well.

  • Muhammad Riyaz wrote on 4 April, 2013, 16:37

    I live in USA, and this is my 32nd year in this country. I worked with people of all faith including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Bhudhists, Non Believers, etc in such companies as IBM, Verizon, deptt of Justice, etc. Tell you truth, working with Jews is a very good feeling. They are very competative, very skilled, technically very sound, BUT never involve with them in POLITICS. If some Jewish Guy ever try to involve in Middle Eastern Politics, my answer to him/her was very simple “YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME, AND I CAN’T CONVINCE YOU, HENCE NO ARGUMENT”. This attitude kept me always away from an y bad situation to happen.

    There are however some Jews like Danial Pipes, Wolf Blitzer, Wolfwitz and many more who are there to malign Muslims and Arabs. They are the true followers of TALMUD, the book of Jewish phillosophy and the guide for Jews to deal with Non Jewish people. Hindu teachings of CHANKYA and the teaching of TALMUD are same.

    To any loudmouth Jew, ask why Sir. Hitler killed so many Jews? And his reply and the reply of all other Jews will be very diverse and interesting one. One of the teaching which is prevelant in both  TALMUD and CHANKYA is FIRST KILL THE OPPONENT AND THEN CRY ON THE DEAD BODY WITH GRIEF. All Jews and Hindus work with the same phillosophy.

    However, to compete with Jews and with Hindus, Muslims have to be
    . united
    . excell in education particularly in technical fields
    . be self sufficient
    . use their resources not in constructing high rise building, rather in education, health, hunger,      
              shelter, clean water, and research.

    Muhammad Riyaz

  • Kifayat Ullah wrote on 11 April, 2013, 4:49

    as we know Jews believe in one god as the Muslims. We should have respect for them. as for as the Bait ul Maqdus ( Jerusalem) is concerned, it was an is a sacred place for worship to both for Muslims and Jews and also to Christians. there is no need to fight for it. we should admit that the territory of Palestine & Israel got magnificent development due to Jews. Muslim and Jews should remain as brothers.

    Prophet Muhammad had signed an agreement with the Jews in “Madina Pact” which describe that Jews & Muslims will fight as one nation against any foreign aggression. then today, why shouldn’t we can live with each other in peace?

    Full Text of the Madina Charter

    This is a document from Muhammad the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), governing relations between the Believers i.e. Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib and those who followed them and worked hard with them. They form one nation — Ummah.

    The Quraysh Mohajireen will continue to pay blood money, according to their present custom.

    In case of war with any body they will redeem their prisoners with kindness and justice common among Believers. (Not according to pre-Islamic nations where the rich and the poor were treated differently).

    The Bani Awf will decide the blood money, within themselves, according to their existing custom.

    In case of war with anybody all parties other than Muslims will redeem their prisoners with kindness and justice according to practice among Believers and not in accordance with pre-Islamic notions.

    The Bani Saeeda, the Bani Harith, the Bani Jusham and the Bani Najjar will be governed on the lines of the above (principles)

    The Bani Amr, Bani Awf, Bani Al-Nabeet, and Bani Al-Aws will be governed in the same manner.

    Believers will not fail to redeem their prisoners they will pay blood money on their behalf. It will be a common responsibility of the Ummat and not of the family of the prisoners to pay blood money.

    A Believer will not make the freedman of another Believer as his ally against the wishes of the other Believers.

    The Believers, who fear Allah, will oppose the rebellious elements and those that encourage injustice or sin, or enmity or corruption among Believers.

    If anyone is guilty of any such act all the Believers will oppose him even if he be the son of any one of them.

    A Believer will not kill another Believer, for the sake of an un-Believer. (i.e. even though the un-Believer is his close relative).

    No Believer will help an un-Believer against a Believer.

    Protection (when given) in the Name of Allah will be common. The weakest among Believers may give protection (In the Name of Allah) and it will be binding on all Believers.

    Believers are all friends to each other to the exclusion of all others.

    Those Jews who follow the Believers will be helped and will be treated with equality. (Social, legal and economic equality is promised to all loyal citizens of the State).

    No Jew will be wronged for being a Jew.

    The enemies of the Jews who follow us will not be helped.

    The peace of the Believers (of the State of Madinah) cannot be divided. (it is either peace or war for all. It cannot be that a part of the population is at war with the outsiders and a part is at peace).

    No separate peace will be made by anyone in Madinah when Believers are fighting in the Path of Allah.

    Conditions of peace and war and the accompanying ease or hardships must be fair and equitable to all citizens alike.

    When going out on expeditions a rider must take his fellow member of the Army-share his ride.

    The Believers must avenge the blood of one another when fighting in the Path of Allah (This clause was to remind those in front of whom there may be less severe fighting that the cause was common to all. This also meant that although each battle appeared a separate entity it was in fact a part of the War, which affected all Muslims equally).

    The Believers (because they fear Allah) are better in showing steadfastness and as a result receive guidance from Allah in this respect. Others must also aspire to come up to the same standard of steadfastness.

    No un-Believer will be permitted to take the property of the Quraysh (the enemy) under his protection. Enemy property must be surrendered to the State.

    No un-Believer will intervene in favour of a Quraysh, (because the Quraysh having declared war are the enemy).

    If any un-believer kills a Believer, without good cause, he shall be killed in return, unless the next of kin are satisfied (as it creates law and order problems and weakens the defence of the State). All Believers shall be against such a wrong-doer. No Believer will be allowed to shelter such a man.

    When you differ on anything (regarding this Document) the matter shall be referred to Allah and Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace).

    The Jews will contribute towards the war when fighting alongside the Believers.

    The Jews of Bani Awf will be treated as one community with the Believers. The Jews have their religion. This will also apply to their freedmen. The exception will be those who act unjustly and sinfully. By so doing they wrong themselves and their families.

    The same applies to Jews of Bani Al-Najjar, Bani Al Harith, Bani Saeeda, Bani Jusham, Bani Al Aws, Thaalba, and the Jaffna, (a clan of the Bani Thaalba) and the Bani Al Shutayba.

    Loyalty gives protection against treachery. (loyal people are protected by their friends against treachery. As long as a person remains loyal to the State he is not likely to succumb to the ideas of being treacherous. He protects himself against weakness).

    The freedmen of Thaalba will be afforded the same status as Thaalba themselves. This status is for fair dealings and full justice as a right and equal responsibility for military service.

    Those in alliance with the Jews will be given the same treatment as the Jews.

    No one (no tribe which is party to the Pact) shall go to war except with the permission of Muhammed (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). If any wrong has been done to any person or party it may be avenged.

    Any one who kills another without warning (there being no just cause for it) amounts to his slaying himself and his household, unless the killing was done due to a wrong being done to him.

    The Jews must bear their own expenses (in War) and the Muslims bear their expenses.

    If anyone attacks anyone who is a party to this Pact the other must come to his help.

    They (parties to this Pact) must seek mutual advice and consultation.

    Loyalty gives protection against treachery. Those who avoid mutual consultation do so because of lack of sincerity and loyalty.

    A man will not be made liable for misdeeds of his ally.

    Anyone (any individual or party) who is wronged must be helped.

    The Jews must pay (for war) with the Muslims. (this clause appears to be for occasions when Jews are not taking part in the war. Clause 37 deals with occasions when they are taking part in war).

    Yathrib will be Sanctuary for the people of this Pact.

    A stranger (individual) who has been given protection (by anyone party to this Pact) will be treated as his host (who has given him protection) while (he is) doing no harm and is not committing any crime. Those given protection but indulging in anti-state activities will be liable to punishment.

    A woman will be given protection only with the consent of her family (Guardian). (a good precaution to avoid inter-tribal conflicts).

    In case of any dispute or controversy, which may result in trouble the matter must be referred to Allah and Muhammed (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) of Allah will accept anything in this document, which is for (bringing about) piety and goodness.

    Quraysh and their allies will not be given protection.

    The parties to this Pact are bound to help each other in the event of an attack on Yathrib.

    If they (the parties to the Pact other than the Muslims) are called upon to make and maintain peace (within the State) they must do so. If a similar demand (of making and maintaining peace) is made on the Muslims, it must be carried out, except when the Muslims are already engaged in a war in the Path of Allah. (so that no secret ally of the enemy can aid the enemy by calling upon Muslims to end hostilities under this clause).

    Everyone (individual) will have his share (of treatment) in accordance with what party he belongs to. Individuals must benefit or suffer for the good or bad deed of the group they belong to. Without such a rule party affiliations and discipline cannot be maintained.

    The Jews of al-Aws, including their freedmen, have the same standing, as other parties to the Pact, as long as they are loyal to the Pact. Loyalty is a protection against treachery.

    Anyone who acts loyally or otherwise does it for his own good (or loss).

    Allah approves this Document.

    This document will not (be employed to) protect one who is unjust or commits a crime (against other parties of the Pact).

    Whether an individual goes out to fight (in accordance with the terms of this Pact) or remains in his home, he will be safe unless he has committed a crime or is a sinner. (i.e. No one will be punished in his individual capacity for not having gone out to fight in accordance with the terms of this Pact).

    Allah is the Protector of the good people and those who fear Allah, and Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is the Messenger of Allah (He guarantees protection for those who are good and fear Allah).

  • cyrus wrote on 18 April, 2013, 10:19


  • vivienne wrote on 23 May, 2013, 15:21

    what’s important here is not blame -you did this, you did that, what is important to recognize is that, once upon a time there was a thriving jewish community in pakistan-it illustrates that there was not an inbred hatred of the jewish people in pakistan. what is interesting is that wherever the british did go, along with bringing  trains and bureaucracy, they gave countries divisiveness,  a very sophisticated “caste” system, and a “them and us” approach that created dissent and misery in india-pakistan, israel- the arab countries, throughout africa and other countries as well. the bottom line is that colonialism and imperialism , especially in the 19th century, has a sad legacy of hatred and exclusion. let’s work together to make that a thing of the past. inshalla. aleviy. a jew who is proud to have so many wonderful moslem friends, salaam, shalom.

  • Andria SWITZER wrote on 23 May, 2013, 17:19

    There are many interesting comments here, and many ignorant ones. There are common roots to the three Abrahamic faiths but though some similarities, there are great differences too. The Talmud does not teach hate, nor does it even come close to suggesting one should kill one’s opponent. Judaism is about ethical behaviour and the simplest explanation would be to not do to one’s neighbor or another, what you don’t want done to you. It’s the very essence of Judaism. Jews are taught that its more important to love other people and do good than even to worship God. What good is it to love one.’s God and not live in peace with people? I agree with Cyrus here that we’d love to see Pakistani people in Israel and vice versa. It only requires that Pakistan recognize Israel and seek a relationship. Israel has much to offer and will do so when Pakistan chooses. Lets all work towards that outcome.

  • Haris Khan wrote on 23 July, 2013, 4:05

    Dear all, Asalam O Alikum!
    With due respect & honor. I want to let you guys know about the true face of Islam & Pakistan. Islam is a religion for the people on this who believed on Allah and His Messengers. Islam in not limited for Arabs, Pakistanis or else. The main problem is that, most of JEWS thinking is that, the resources of the world are limited. i.e. Oil resources and else but you know what for getting control over these resources they are trying to attack Arab countries. Why atom bombs in USA are not dangerous for Israel while nuclear program of Iran threatens JEWS.
    I know very well nobody is gonna harm JEWS expect their thinking. Allah Almighty has created this universe, He blessed His people with a lot of resource – NEVER ENDING RESOURCES. I’ve a simple question from JEWS who think of themselves that they are superior. What you guys are used to do when Windows XP become obsolete and Windows Vista, 7 or 8 came to market???
    Simply upgrade… Likewise, earlier a book was sent to Jews and Christ believers which tell them how to spend their life and conduct daily routine matters for the sake of Allah. Later on Allah sends His last Prophet (PBUH) Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W. for the betterment of the universe and people. Islam tells each and everything about spending life and way of conduct to life. Now question arises here is that when an older version of Holy Book replaced with a new Version of Holy Book (Quran), then why still sticky with the old one??? Both of them were sent by the same God (Allah). We’ve to admit the truth. Moreover, when we talk about Pakistan. This nation was build on the name of Islam back in 1947. But in real, we (muslims) are far away from Islam as well. Maybe Jews remember Allah and offer prayers regularly, but we’re quite lazy. Few Secular Minded people has badly demolished the face of Islam in Pakistan. Terrorist, Killers, Extremist has nothing to do with Islam. They are paid puppets. Even the laws, judgments, courts every single system in Pakistan is an out come of British out come. Islam teaches peace, not violence. Islam teaches equality, regardless color, faith, religion or region. People are afraid of atom bomb, terror, but not from Allah. This is a minor version of Pakistan w.r.t Islam. I don’t know about other people, I’ve told you whatever I saw in myself being a muslim, being a Pakistani. My comments were just my thinking, never meant to hurt anyone. ISLAM IS ISLAM, not open minded nor narrow minded. Teachings of Allah are strictly for following. We can’t change or amend them as we want!!!

  • mulla wrote on 8 August, 2013, 16:43

    Pakistan people are not real by heart .when British make pakistan .all sack punjabi .and those whos homeless in india they migrate new called land pakistan .they dont know what islam they dont know what is human being . its very sadness story about jewish community 

  • TRUE MUSLIM wrote on 9 December, 2013, 17:34

    dear jews you peoples are very sad about your people killed in pakistan a long time ago……bt now how you peoples treated palestenian muslims and how you killed muslims in palestine ……plz think about it

  • aisha wrote on 31 December, 2013, 9:11

    Aslamualikum,it is quite sad to read about jews,but no one can blame Pakistan or Islam for this,just look at that time ,large number of people killed in partition,it was the system BRITISH System due to which all this happened,they should think about other communities too…They should made division for sikhs, for bodus, for christians as well as far jews or they should made law for them
    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Bhenkhald wrote on 2 January, 2014, 12:34

    I was refereed to this article on twitter, and would like to comment on a few things;

    Allot has been said about Jews in Pakistan, and its mostly stereotyping by Islamists cum conspiracy theorists.
    In Pakistan various TV programs and articles are being written against Jews. This is one of the reasons why anti-semitism was and is wide spread there.
    Along with that unbiased stance of Pakistanis against Israel in blind support of Palestine seems to never end.

    I took video interview of 50 Pakistanis aged between 20 to 40 and not surprisingly 80% say that they dont want see a Synagogue in Pakistan.

    Twitter: @Jew_Pakistani

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